Amy Roberts

Game Designer, Programmer, and Writer

Based in Portland, Oregon. Open to relocation for the right opportunity


As an independent game developer, I released several short-form experimental games that use recognizable gameplay mechanics in novel ways to tell serious stories. My work spans genres, from first-person domestic violence thriller, to side-scrolling suicide puzzle platformer, and even parody dating sim. I successfully crowdfunded a self-published commercial game, Trigger.


Concept and high-level design, integration of gameplay and narrative, 3D and 2D level design, story writing, programming, versatile knowledge of several aspects of game development (3D modeling/texturing/rigging, 2D graphics, music composition, audio engineering), documentation

Select Projects

Trigger — 2014-2016

Team size: 3

Engine: Ren’Py (Python)

Genre: Visual novel

My roles: Project lead, writer, programmer, composer, sound engineer, additional art.

Project lead: Created, advertised, and ran successful Kickstarter campaign (exceeding $4,000 goal) to pay a contract artist and a musician; delivered all backer rewards in full; assembled email lists to contact different backer tiers; sent email updates to backers.

Writing: Wrote original branching story (approx. 20,000 words), edited story for continuity errors, diagrammed branching story flow, solicited feedback from testers.

Programming: Implemented branching story state tracking, all other gameplay functionality using Python and the open-source Ren’Py engine.

Composer and sound engineer: Composed original soundtrack, assisted music director in arranging and recording original soundtrack with live musicians, determined technical specifications for music delivery, assembled and mastered sound effects from original and stock sources.

Additional art: Provided asset lists for contract artist, photographed reference for backgrounds, directed visual design and character design, created UI art and visual effects.

A Night in the Woods — 2013

Team size: Solo project

Engine: Unity 3D (JavaScript)

Genre: First-person psychological horror

Coverage on Indie Statik

Rock Bottom — 2011

Team size: 7

Engine: Flash (FlashPunk)

Genre: Puzzle-platformer

My roles: Project co-lead, concept, game design, artist, level designer.

Project co-lead: Taught programmers with application background basic conceits of game development, taught other level designers process and best practices.

Concept and game design: Designed core gameplay, designed narrative to thematically describe gameplay, shaped difficulty curve and game mechanic progression.

Artist: Created tile art, character art, and UI art.

Level designer: Greyboxed levels, tested levels and sought feedback, modified and improved levels by other team members, decorated greyboxed levels.

Additional Experience

Participant, Stugan (Nonprofit Accelerator Program) — 2015

Received mentorship from game industry veterans at companies such as Rovio and Mojang, shared knowledge and experience with an international group of developers.


The Elegiac A Night In The Woods Is Not That Kind Of Horror Game (Indie Statik)

Babycastles Exhibition: LIVING

Live Free Play Hard: LUDUM DARE 27 EDITION (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

The Year of the Games 2013 (Game Critics)

Further employment history and references available upon request.